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Industrial Testing Program

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The ATLSS industrial testing program assists industrial and engineering firms of all sizes with testing, research, and development of products and systems by offering technical capabilities that can yield valuable data as well as technical assessments of existing structures. The program utilizes the unique engineering capabilities of both the ATLSS large-scale multi-directional experimental laboratory and the Fritz Engineering Laboratory and the extensive experience of its leadership and support staff to technically address the project at hand.



ATLSS Large Scale Multi-directional Experimental Laboratory

The ATLSS Large Scale Multi-directional Experimental Laboratory was dedicated in 1989 as part of the ATLSS National Engineering Research Center established by the National Science Foundation. The primary features of the laboratory are the 102 x 40 foot strong floor and fixed concrete reaction walls, up to 50 feet in height, which encircle three corners of the floor. Multi-directional loads and motions are applied by computer controlled hydraulic actuators to scaled or full size test structures comprised of any material. The laboratory boasts a wide range of instrumentation and data acquisition technologies, in addition to faculty and full-time staff that are available to assist in the execution of a project. A wide range of tests with static, pseudo-dynamic, dynamic, fatigue, impact, and seismic loading can be performed. In 2004, the capabilities of the industrial testing program were enhanced with the addition of the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) equipment site, which allows for multi-directional real-time seismic testing in combination with real-time analytical simulations, to investigate the seismic behaviour of small and large scale structural components, structural sub assemblages, and systems.


Fritz Engineering Laboratory

The Fritz Engineering Laboratory has been at the forefront of civil engineering research at Lehigh University since 1909. The laboratory currently features universal testing machines with up to 5,000,000 pound capacities, a dynamic test bed with static and fatigue testing capabilities, and a wide range of test instrumentation and data acquisition capabilities. The laboratory also boasts dedicated faculty and full-time research and laboratory technical staff which are experienced in the development and execution of calibrations, standardized tests, customized tests, and applied research.



Inquiries regarding the industrial test program or potential tests for your specific technical application should be addressed to:

Ian Hodgson
ATLSS Industrial Testing Manager
ATLSS Engineering Center
Phone: (610)-758-3293

General inquiries can also be addressed to:

Joseph Saunders
Associate Director of Operations, ATLSS Engineering Research Center
Phone: 610-758-3223


Examples of Recent Testing Projects

Note: The following represents a partial list of projects only. If you have interest in specific testing that is not noted below, you are strongly encouraged to contact Frank Stokes to discuss your requirements.

  • Airport taxi deck fatigue tests

  • Beam-column seismic tests

  • Bridge bearing compression and friction tests

  • Bridge orthotropic deck fatigue tests

  • Bridge main cable wire tests

  • Calibrations – high capacity compression and tension load cells

  • Calibrations – high capacity hydraulic rams

  • Calibrations – portable truck scales

  • Carbon fiber tube tension and compression tests

  • Composite liner panel compression tests

  • Composite panel flexure and fatigue tests

  • Composite piling flexural and compression tests

  • Compressor rotor assembly tension tests

  • Concrete anchor embedment pullout tests

  • Concrete column compression tests

  • Concrete girder flexure and shear tests

  • Concrete lintel beam flexure tests

  • Concrete panel flexure tests

  • Corrugated girder compression and flexure tests

  • Electrical transmission line tower tests

  • Escalator step fatigue tests

  • FAA structures impact tests

  • Fabric and wire sling tension tests

  • FRP bridge deck flexure tests

  • H-pile weld splice flexure tests

  • Helicopter cabin lift cradle proof tests

  • Marine fender performance tests

  • Modular expansion joint fatigue tests

  • Monorail girder fatigue test

  • Nuclear reactor closure head lift rig

  • Nuclear reactor coolant pump and containment lifting beam proof tests

  • Nuclear reactor crane and lifting components proof tests

  • Nuclear reactor low profile transporter

  • Nuclear spent fuel canister proof tests

  • Parking garage crash rail test

  • Railroad rail flexural and fatigue tests

  • Rebar couplers tension tests

  • Roller assemblies compression and friction tests

  • Roof joist loading tests

  • Scaffold assemblies and components

  • Ship structure evaluation tests

  • Shoring posts and assemblies

  • Structural strand tension tests

  • Suspender rope tension and fatigue tests

  • Suspender rope wire tests

  • Timber mat flexure tests

  • Tool cabinet raking and compression tests

  • Vehicle bumper assembly

  • Wind fairing impact tests

  • Wooden table top capacity tests