Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems
A National Engineering Research Center

ATLSS Infrastructure Monitoring Vehicle

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The ATLSS Center owns a fully equipped field testing cargo van with high roof and extended wheelbase, which provides extreme mobility and flexibility to respond to project demands by providing a mobile office, and a wide variety of tools, instrumentation, and other supplies regularly required for field monitoring projects.

The data acquisition and instrumentation capabilities include:

  • Rugged high-speed multi-channel digital data acquisition systems equipped with advanced signal processing capabilities

  • Wireless remote sensing

  • Remote data collection

  • Wide array of high fidelity sensors capable of measuring load, strain, displacement, acceleration, rotation, temperature, wind speed and direction

  • Digital video cameras with remote pan, zoom and tilt operations;  a 4 channel digital video recorder (DVR) can be configured for continuous video monitoring

  • a Trillion 3D Digital Image Correlation system

ATLSS vehicle under a bridge